Craft Beer Representation

The cheapest and fastest way to enter a market is to have a representation or agency in the market.

We represent your company in more than 40 countries and make sure that you are on the spot.

Our representation/agency service has a transparent and fixed price.

Letting DELVINCO  BEER REPRESENTATION be your representative may be a logical first step in a market presence. This reduces both the time and financial risk.

To let DELVINCIO represent you is probably the easiest way to both develop your business and conquer a foreign market.

We've built solid relationships with craft beer importers  to help the breweries  we are representing break into the most important  markets worldwide,

If you want your beers  seen and bought, start up with Delvinco now.

DELVINCO was founded by Vincent Delbroeck  in March 2009.
His background is in business development & export management.

In 2009, he was one of the co-founders of Noborco,business development company specialized in creating new export markets for beverage SME’s in Europe.

A few years later the company changed its name to DELVINCO and broadened the range of services to representation & agency for European Union, CIS countries, Asia, USA and Australia as Vincent developed a large network of craft beer importers and retailers interested in DELVINCO’s products.

Today DELVINCO is offering it’s services to craft beer breweries who are seeking straight forward & budget friendly solutions to develop the most important beer  markets.

Welcome to DELVINCO !

We represent your company in :

All European Union member states
South Korea
New Zealand and Australia
South America

...and many more..

DELVINCO BREWERY REPRESENTATION is offering representation services based on :

*Start fee + Commission sales

*Agreement duration starting 1 year

Agreement duration : we start with an agreement of 1 year, this agreement is the minimum duration and is prolonged year per year

Start fee : All our representation/agency services are including a small  start fee. This is a rather small budget we need to start up the introduction and sales of your products.

Commission : Normal commission percentage to make sure your products are not becoming too expensive for the markets where we want to sell.

We are transparent… You always know to which importer we are talking and introducing your brewery… You KNOW we are working with your brewery !

Our clients become your clients :

-Craft beer importers with nationwide, well developed distribution network

-NO SALES to traders (we want a long term relationship for your brewery in the export markets)

-We try to broaden our services and countries of representation every year. 2019 will be the year of South America


-   Introduction of your company & products new to the market : 1 month

-   Prospection towards our clients : 2 – 3 months

-   Sales expected within 6 months of cooperation

REPRESENTATION is now including our Premium 6 PR & MARKETING PLAN :

Many craft breweries are seeking worldwide attention and sales for their beers. We give you the possibility to reach out to thousands of influencers, professionals, buyers from importers, distributors, retailers etc… by spreading your news !

6 times per year….Not too much (you don’t want to annoy your potential clients) and not less (your brewery should stay in their mind)… This way we are sowing the seeds for future sales in +100 countries worldwide !

Premium 6 Plan :

6 x per year (you choose the date of sending) we send your news

(350 beer bloggers, 100 beer magazines & press, 7.000 importers & distributors)

Rate : 399 euro / year  (FOR FREE for representation clients)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do we need specific labels  etc ?
Depends from country to country  but we help you together with the  importer to make sure you get the right information and labelling asap. Mostly there are no extra charges regarding these “import barriers”

Who’s paying what & when ?
You invoice directly to the client, DELVINCO makes sure the payment process is ok. We help you to make sure you can realize your sales without financial risks as we always advise to work on “Prepayment” basis with the importers

Do You guarantee sales?
We guarantee we are working for your brewery and brands to be selling in these countries asap. We can’t give any guarantees on how much You’ll sell, where, when etc, every businessman/woman understands. You have the guarantees we are working for you through the interaction you see between us , your brewery and the importers,

Is it possible to sell in a country  with 1 or 2 importers?
Yes, sometimes due to the seize of the country or the type of importer it is possible to work with more than 1 importer

What kind of volumes to expect ?
It’s easy to build castles in the skies and try to get a brewery on board promising them container loads from the first weeks…. But we are a commercial company and give an honest realistic approach, which is a step by step, continuously representation  service.

Realistic is to expect orders between 2-5 pallets as an importer starts with your brewery…and this grows order by order….

What is the most effective approach ?

We try to have as much as possible export countries opening for you, all with their piece of import. This is better than just having 1 or 2 big players as we are spreading your risks

Financial risk ?
Your brewery makes always the end decision but we are advising to work as much as possible on prepayment basis. Certainly for the start period with a new importer. When after a certain period of time the importer wants to have a payment delay we can see how to react on it or how to secure (credit insurance, Letter of Credit……)

Exclusivities ?
We always make a representation agreement and there are no exclusivities involved. If You get in touch with an importer where we never introduced your beers : of course you are free to work directly with them…You warn us and we let you work with this importer.

If any importer which we have been introducing your beers tries to work directly with you without our services we kindly ask you to warn us about these unfair practices

Final cost ?
As You know there is a start fee to be paid at the start of the agreement and then we invoice based on the sales we generate for you (commission sales). There are no other costs involved except sampling of course.

Sampling ?
When importers ask for samples You can send them free of charge or you let them pay the shipping costs. If you let them pay the shipping costs you can deduct the shipping cost from their first orders invoices when they start importing..This is a fair approach.

Interested in our representation services ?

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