Commercial Agency

Commercial Agency / Representation

We represent your products in Europe, GCC countries (Gulf area), China and USA

DELVINCO  offers a flexible Commercial Agency / Representation solution to provide foreign companies all services to facilitate the sale and distribution of products or services :

- Europe (All European Union member states + UK , Russia and CIS countries)

- Gulf countries (UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman..)
- China (local partner)

Export sales needs a different strategy

Starting business in a new country or region means knowing the market possibilities and potentials. Exporting is in many ways different from doing business in your home market. You can’t just copy the strategy which leaded you to big successes in your home market. You’ll need specialists which know much more about the markets you want to conquer.

We define the type of partner you need

Every country or region is different. In some markets you’ll be working with an importer, other’s will do well by approaching distributors or retailers. Some markets will require a local agent or presence. Knowledge is important. We are able to present your company, products and services to potential partners in the best possible way, based on the local requirements, best strategy.

We’ll find out what type of importer or distributor you need to enter the country. Finding the right partner is not easy and time consuming but the most important step.

We are your partner creating new partnerships

We’ll act as your export management service office or representation company to find distributors, importers or sales agents to work with your products in the countries we agreed on.

We are in touch with importers, distributors, sales agents, retailers, purchase managers and consultants in or out of our network to make sure we can find the best solutions for your export.

We work together, You'll never walk alone

We work closely together and of course no major decisions can be taken without your approval. We won’t bother you with every email or phone call we have to make with potentials but when we have to select potentials for you : You’ll be there.

From many data to a well defined short list

We make a range of potential importers, distributors and agents first which coud be interesting for your business. Together we make a first selection and go to a short-list. Based on this mutual decision we further go talking with these companies to see the possibilities in detail.

Your budget is important to us

We offer our services based on a step by step financial agreement. As bringing your company and it’s products or services to a foreign market, is a costful operation, even if we already have a network, we need a small budget to start. We never work on commission basis only from the start.

The first period we ask a monthly retainer and report periodically what we’ve done for you. The second period we shift to a retainer + commission basis.
This way you know exactly the budget you need during the first months of cooperation. Your budget will not go out of control.

Contact us

For more information on our Commercial Agency Services please call a member of the team on +32 473 43 88 93 or