Distributor search

Distributor Search

We find your distributors worldwide

We offer this unique and professional service assisting companies in finding strong distributors, agents or partners for their products or services abroad.

Good distributors, whether agents, importers or joint ventures will allow a quick start to find new export sales. The  key problem however is to find the right distributor


Service Description

Service A :

List of potential importers/buyers  : 10 companies

We use various research sources such as databases, phone interviews, internet, fair catalogues etc. to generate a so called “long list” of all companies working in the specific market segments that fits your products. This list often contains up to 50 companies. In the next step we check every single company on the list if they would be an appropriate distributor. By using a number of knock-out criteria you receive a quality shortlist of 10 companies. This shortlist will typically contain all the necessary contact details of the company, main products.

Service B :

List of potential importers/buyers : 20 companies

Same as service A but contains a quality shortlist of 20 companies This shortlist will typically contain all the necessary contact details of the company, main products, and if accessible also size and the contact person within the company.

Service C :

List of potential importers/buyers : 20 companies and contacted by our services

Same as service B and we contact the listed companies to introduce your products


Prices for finding quality Distributors

Depending on the capacity, priorities and know-how of your own organisation you can choose to conduct parts of the research yourself. In any case, a top quality shortlist of matching distributors to your products in the countries of your interest will give you the best chances of success.

Our calculation and quotation is based on the time our researchers need, our database costs and sometimes the support of local colleague-researchers.

Rates starting 258€ for Service A, starting 364€ for Service B, starting 518€ for Service C

Rates depend from product to product, country to country