Exhibition Lead Generation

Exhibition Lead Generation

Finding partners with our exhibition visits

Service Description

Visiting a trade show is the best way to become familiar with a new market.

This is a great opportunity to meet with your potential clients, competitors, distributors and partners in one place and to get an insight into the market first-hand from market players.

Our Exhibition Lead Generation service will help you to do that in the most efficient way.

Throughout the year we visit local and international exhibitions for our customers.

We only need your brochures and samples if possible to attract the attention of exhibitors.

What do we do ?

We visit the exhibition to create the first contact with potential distributors/importers/agents which are promoting their products / services in their booth

Why is this interesting for You ?

After our exhibition visit we deliver our customers a detailed report. This report contains all the contacts which we made with potential buyers of their products or services.

With this report our customers have all the necessary information to start business talks with the contacts we developed.

Budget ?

We give our customers the possibility to generate new contacts without leaving their office or travelling to this exhibtion.

Our report contains all information to turn a low budget investment into huge potential sales.

Service Cost

The price for the Exhibition Lead Generation service is based on the geographical area of the exhibition, time needed to 'scan' the exhibition for potential partners etc..

The fee is payable upfront