Sales Management

Sales Management

Do you see a need to improve sales force effectiveness and efficiency? Or perhaps you are entering a new export market with a new product that requires different knowledge and connections than those possessed by your existing sales team.

Your first instinct is to hire sales people, but then you think about the overhead, time, and disruption that course can involve. There’s another solution.

In either situation it’s a great time to call Delvinco. We work on a temporary basis as an interim head of sales, as a part-time VP sales, or even on a project consulting basis.

You’ll obtain all the advantages of a senior-level sales executive without all the overhead. It’s the ideal solution when you need specific business development & sales experience to take your company to the next level, but a full-time hire can’t be justified, or will take too long to recruit.

Whether your sales channels are direct or indirect, telesales or ecommerce, an experienced Delvinco contract executive can develop and execute a successful sales strategy in your organization.